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Our premium home package features prefabricated design elements that make for a faster, more efficient build with minimal waste. This means you'll save both time and money.


Building your dream home is made easy with our flexible options and our complete engineered blueprints. You can work with a local builder, act as your own contractor, or take on the project yourself.

Enjoy The Beauty of a Cedar Home

Thank you for your interest in our Modern yet classic Cedar Homes. Our home packages are unique in the log home industry, incorporating several different wall system options to meet clients’ expectations, budget, and energy requirements for your area. Our Laminated timbers, and energy efficient wall systems leave all of the worry and maintenance out of the picture. The laminating process eliminates much of the core moisture and allows for fast wall assembly – without the excessive settling that can happen in traditional log homes. Incorporating a Thermal break into our Laminated wall systems has opened new doors for everyone!

Our timber walls require only 1″ of space above doors and windows (just like a conventionally-framed home). A handcrafted log home can require anywhere from 6-8″ of space above doors and windows – to allow for settling. Our construction system requires no adjustments for seasonal expansion and contraction. With our laminated wood wall system, our customers enjoy all the beauty of natural wood without the hassles!

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